How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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ok..after I saw on the main page that the D600 had new studio test done..I thought Id see how the D700 stacks up against the new kids on the block in regards to High ISO

Is high ISO all you care about? How did you get brainwashed into thinking that high ISO was the most important factor in photography?..

so I downloaded the D600, D800 and D700 files at ISO 6400..then I down sampled the higher res files to match the D700 file..then saved the new files at the same Jpeg quality.

LMAO. You think a 900 x 600 JPEG is a good way to compare sensors?...

after all this I did a blind test to determine the one I liked best...Ill let you lot have a look...needless to say a 5 year old FX sensor still rocks at high ISO and we are all being brainwashed into needing high MP cameras and so called better ISO ..LMAO

Brainwashed? LMAO. Being able to produce a 20x30" print with the detail of a D700's 12x17" print is an excellent improvement in my book.

take a look and see what you reckon and to me the D700 files look great

The D700 produces excellent images, but that doesn't mean there haven't been significant improvements in sensors.

Here is one significant way the D800E sensor has improved over the D700:
Robin Casady

no but in this disscusion it about high ISO handling

Then you should go back and print the files at 20x30 and see if things changed.

.No I dont think they are 900x600 Jpegs 1600x1068 but even before the Jpg save in PS there was no differance before you hit the zoom button

If you compare in that way...then even a smart phone is close enough.

and true more MP will give larger print sizes

And that is where you see the real jump. If you never print or crop big then can get buy easily with older tech and a good NR program.

If you really don't take advantage of the improvement then it really isn't needed in your case.

My new Acura is phenomenally better tech wise than my 10 year old one. If I never get off the free way at 65MPH....i would never know. Get off the photography freeway and run the curvy back roads with a little speed and a sideways slide or two.

no I dont belive a smartphone image would be a D300s at 6400ISO...and thats not even fact its pretty bad..the D700 on the other hand is pretty good

At the display size you are using here (in my browser window) to good light with a little PP...nope a smart phone actully will keep up

yes I agree if your cropping a huge amount or printing massive the more MP will be a advantage....I do crop...but only print to A3+ size as thats all my printer can handle

Then you really are not doing anything that pushes the limit at all. Shoot in Dim light at Iso 6400 or high crop 50% and print at A3+. Push the shadows for more. The dif really starts to become obvious.

but I point was at ISO 6400..theres not much in it between todays bodies and a body that was released 5 years ago

In the way you not a lot. Many folks don't really push the limits of the technology. Those that do produce some stunning results that can't be obtained with last gen tech. But, i agree, not many really go there.

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