LX7 RAW vs JPG: Street photos examples and comparison

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Re: LX7 RAW vs JPG: Street photos examples and comparison

fdfgdfgdgf wrote:

"That's funny, since the LXx don't excel in video,

Wrong! you dont have the camera. I do. It has outstanding video quality

Well, compared to what. You sound like someone coming from mid level DSLRs, to these the LXx don't compare very well.

"and low light shooting isn't exactly small sensor territory."

True but remember that LX7 has a bright 1.4 lens with "Power OIS" so the shutter speed can go down to 1/30. In most cases indoor and night I use F1.4@1/30 ISO 200 getting outstanding result.

I would actually agree, but again, comparing it to a stabilized DLSR with a prime...

I am an expert in video so i know:
here is en example of my work.


Ahh, ok, so you are too pro...

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