Nikon P310 vs. Canon S100 vs. Olympus XZ-1 (vs. Samsung EX1)

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Nikon P310 vs. Canon S100 vs. Olympus XZ-1 (vs. Samsung EX1)

Hey hey, all together!

First I would like to introduce me in a short form so you know which guy is writing there :

My name is Johannes, I'm 26 years young and I am from Hamburg, Germany. Here I grew up and still live with my little family (wife, 2 1/2 years old son and 11 weeks old daughter). I hope my English is good enough to understand what I want from you really helpful guys...

So, why I registered here and opened this topic is that my final decision, which camera i should buy, is, as it is in most cases in this forum here, not that easy.

I've read many reviews, discussions, professional reviews about several compact cams, in the high quality league (as mentioned in the title). I namely just sold my Pentax K200D with the kit lense because of two reasons: Two large (for me!) and heavy for taking with me when going out for a walk with the kids or family and, that's more important, the kit lense doesn't produce bright enough pictures in most low light situations, for example in our flat, even sometings at the days at ISO1600, 1/20 shot-time (sorry, don't know the correct english word...) and takes way too long to focus. So, taking pictures of my wonderful kids and my beatiful wife isn't as easy as I wished. And I don't feel to buy a good lens for around 300,00 €... No, compact seems for/to me now the right way after 3 years of amateur DSLR-tryings

That the next cam will be a compact digi cam is clear. No superzoom or travelzoom, where I could miss again strong low-light specs nor a DSLR are possibilities.

So, after reading much, these four cameras mentioned in the title are the closer choices (the EX1 seems to be slower then the other ones and doesn't work well in automatic mode, what I've read - yes, automatic mode should work that well, that my wife can take nice pictures in any situation, mostly at home with the kids, son low light is important. I, personally, would also use the possibilties these cameras offer the interested user.) Also, JPG's OOC should be nice to view in photoalbums/photobooks or on the monitor. I don't want to produce large 2x1 meter posters. RAW isn't that important for me. Nice to have, but no need.

Okay, now the question: for our situation (family shots, outside foto sessions, zoo, ....) which of the mentioned cams probably has the most advantages? All of them seem to be pretty good!

I read that the P310's AF is very fast and it also produces really nice JPG's OOC, also in automatic-mode, low price, ... - any opinions?

The budget is up to arround 350,00 €...

Thanks for reading this long text (which I hope is understandable) and for your suggestions and help!


Nikon Coolpix P310 Olympus XZ-1 Pentax K200D Samsung TL500 (EX1)
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