LX7 RAW vs JPG: Street photos examples and comparison

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Re: LX7 RAW vs JPG: Street photos examples and comparison

fdfgdfgdgf wrote:

Again some other members post photos with 500x800 resolution under optimal condition which means nothing.

Maybe it's the size they view their pictures, in this cease it means everything for the most (only really) important people.

For true evaluation

"True"? For comparative evaluation, I agree, but for real life assessment, that would be a no...

we need to look at 100% size.

Who are "we"?? Certainly, the majority of the small sensor enthusiast users are beyond the pixelpeeping stage, lol! I'm sorry, but you are a living stereotype of the extinct pixelpeeper

Also photos need to be taken at real-life scenario with hard contrast.

In this case, you have to shoot RAW and use the contrast curve to your advantage.

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