12-35mm f/2.8: What's the verdict?

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Re: Do you shoot test charts, or make photographs?

Here in EU we have to add a consideration to what described above: the cost.

I know this is not a key point for many, but translated in US dollars it costs 1600 bucks here while in US can be bought for less than 900. Shall not we consider this in view of the fact that it is mosty compared with the 14-45 kit lens?

I do not own it but before take in consideration I would like to see a drop in price and, mainly, some relly good picture. ( by the way I'm one of those which bought a 14mm f. 2.5 for 430 Euro ( 550 USD) and nowI see it on sale new for 215 USD at Amazon).

I know you refer to quality and performance but the price must be always considered: a brand new Ferrari is a good car, let me say extremely good, but are ready to pay for it any price?

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