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MikeFreeze wrote:

Anyone have recommended settings for a K-5 to emulate Velvia 50? Please, let me know how you do it.

I've looked at a lot of shots on Velvia (scanned and posted on PBase by Ian Cameron http://www.pbase.com/hwatt/scotland ). What I see, expressed crudely, is high saturation and blocked shadows. I haven't tried to emulate this but here's a suggestion: it uses DNGs and ACR7; you could do something similar with ACR6 and earlier. I don't know if you can work something out from this using other software.

First, neutralise all your camera setting, and select Natural as the viewing option; this may not affect the end result but it's safe. In ACR set the Camera Profile to Embedded, which will bring in the Pentax colour profile from your K-5. Set everything else to neutral (usually = zero); but choose Medium Contrast as the Tone Curve.

Expose your shots to protect highlights - you want the long highlight tail of colour film. This will usually mean that the OOC shots will look dark but the K-5's low-noise sensor will deal with that. Develop the raw settings until the image looks natural - this typically will entail dragging Highlights and Whites right down and Shadows and Blacks right up: at first this looks HDR-like but bring contrast up and things start to look more realistic, although saturation might look too high.

Once you've got a natural look drag the blacks down: it will depend on the shot but I'd guess 30-40 less than your natural look. If you pulled saturation down to look natural push it back up; I'd suggest about 30 above natural; finally increase contrast by about the same amount.

I've done a quick try-out here. I hope it helps.

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