How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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Re: How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

RP McMurphy wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

Oly Canikon wrote:

I down sampled the higher res files to match the D700 file..
Any chance that affected your result

I dont think everywhere on this forum people with a D800 make a point of saying that once downsampled a D800 has obvious improvements in High ISo limits compared to a D700 thats what I did to the high MP images...but even when you view the images untouched side but side I cant tell any difference to my eyes..until you hit the Zoom button then more MP shine through.

You have seen at 12mp that the d800 or d600 is as good as the d700 which is what many are saying was not the case so, 1st point, you prove that a 36mp sensor can achieve the same noise handling as a 12mp file

2nd point, you say when conditions are right the D800 can resolve incredible detail, that couldn't happen 5 years ago so things have moved on

Im sorry but thats not the point people were making when all the talk of downsampling was being banded about and still isnt because when the D800 appeared and people were viewing the files at 100% at 36mp..the conclusion was the nosie looked worse..and of course it did when viewing at 100%....because of the added resolution..but once viewd at the same res the D800 looked better than the D700...something Im not really seeing in the above images

yes I agree with your second point...

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