How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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Re: How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

Better IQ

The quality of the body does not show up in photographs

DRode wrote:

I've seen many, many shots comparing the D600 to the D700, D800 and D3s. I've seen up sampled and down sampled comparisons and I cannot find a single instance where I thought the D700 noise handling was better than the D600. The D800 as as good or better than the D600 in every instance.

My intention was to buy a D700 this winter because it's such a good body especially for low-light work. For a little more than the cost of a used D700, I can have a new D600 with better noise handling, much higher dynamic range and better edge acuity.

The D700 is a really good body but the D600, based on the samples I've seen, is capable of greater IQ despite the cheaper build.

It's a tough call for me. A better overall body versus better IQ.

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