How would you like YOUR D400 to be, for how much??

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Re: How would you like YOUR D400 to be, for how much??

It's a terrible sensor then.


motobloat wrote:

The Smudger wrote:

D3200 sensor.

D3s body. No? OK I'll put up with a D4 chassis.

Price? Don't care, I just need it.

Is it really that hard Mr Nikon?

LOL, you are probably the only person on the planet who would buy a bottom-of-the-line sensor in a top-of-the-line body. Most people would be wondering if Nikon has lost their minds.

The 24MP Aptina sensor in the D3200 is pretty good - I have one, and it works. But it's not as good as the D7000 sensor made my Sony, or really even much better than the D300 sensor except in pixel count. The dynamic range just isn't there, and the signal-to-noise ratio isn't as good. It's a lot harder to lift shadows and recover highlights in one of my D3200 files than the D7000 files. The noise in the D3200 images is uglier, even when viewed at the same size. Color banding is worse.

Give me a 24MP sensor (or even 36MP), but manufactured by Sony please. With 2 years of design since the D7000 launched, I'm sure the new stuff from Sony will be that much better too...

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