SD1M Vs Olympus E-1/E-5/GH3

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Re: SD1M Vs Olympus E-1/E-5/GH3

By ruling out Sony sensors, you're ruling out a rapidly increasing share of the digital still camera market. Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Pansonic, and Pentax all feature primarily Sony manufactured sensors in their ILC and DSLR product lines. And for good reason, Sony is quite simply making some of the best imaging devices on the market today, and is enabling their customers to make the most of them.

With m4/3 obviously becoming the primary focus of Olympus (which is fine, I have an E-PL1 and enjoy it), it does become tricky to invest in e-mount gear. However, if you've enjoyed the E1 so much, why not pick up an E5? You already have glass for it, it meets your criteria for weather-resistance, has the 4/3 aspect ration you prefer (which I agree with, it is a big plus of 4/3 and m4/3 cameras). And they are simply not that expensive (relatively) to acquire.

This is not to scare you away from the Sigma camp by any means. Without question, for good light, low-ISO outdoor photography the SD1M is a very high performing camera. I think the difficult part though is the system is in a bit of a transition, as the SD1M is a body waiting for better glass (which seems to be on the way, though with Sigma patience is a virtue). The other difference is that Sigma cameras require a different mindset for post processing of images, one that some photographers are fine with, but that drives others to distraction.

In the big picture (pun intended) of things, I think it is hard to go really wrong with any of the contemporary camera systems on the market today. Think about it, we have a basket full of $1000-2000 bodies with resolution from 14 to 24 mp, from 4/3 to full frame sensor size, with a variety of dynamic range, ISO performance, AF features, physical features, and overall incredible image quality to satisfy pretty much any dimension of photography a person is interested in.

So whatever your choice, enjoy and happy shooting!

QuarterToDoom wrote:

Well because of my "No thanks, I'll pass" to Sony products seems I'm gonna have to find a new camera system.

I'm currently using an Olympus E-1/EPL-1 with my E-1 getting a bit tired and lacking in battery capacity (I've used it for 8 years) Since Oly is going to Sony sensors I'm thinking of getting a new system. Seems Sigma (SD1M) and Panny (GH3 for the weather sealing) are my current choices or the Oly E5.

Just looking for feed back on the SD1M vs E-1/E-5/GH3 I don't do video or any moving object shots so not worried about those features. Weather sealing is important as are weather sealed lenses. I do prefer the 4/3 aspect ratio though and not a fan of cropping imaged too much.


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