Nikon D7000 for Sports and Fast moving objects

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Do you need

darkcloud154 wrote:

But i wanted to know over a longer term period, is the nikon a good performing when it comes to sports and fast moving objects with its AF points and 6fps. The reason why i ask is i want that in my camera for when i go to the f1 and i read mixed reviews of it against the Canon 7D. I hear the AF points are better on the d7000 - and better at focusing on moving objects but the burst rate can be lagging compare to 7D.

Any thoughts? Otherwise i'm won over by the d7000.

When shooting sports in CH at 6FPS I rarely actually shoot 6FPS very often. So rare that I actually need high FPS that I simply don't find it a critical feature. I normally shoot no more than 3FPS even in a sports situation. Your needs will certainly vary.
What's more important 8 pics in a sec or 6 better IQ pics at 6FPS

Good luck...both are fine cameras.

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