How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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Re: Not sure how you can say that?

Five years ago users of Nikon were pretty much limited to 12MP. Now we have improved quality at 24MP and 36MP that only months ago was limited to a £5k D3X. I'd say there have been massive improvements to provide resolution and quality for the price...

Tommot1965 wrote:

ok..after I saw on the main page that the D600 had new studio test done..I thought Id see how the D700 stacks up against the new kids on the block in regards to High ISO

so I downloaded the D600, D800 and D700 files at ISO 6400..then I down sampled the higher res files to match the D700 file..then saved the new files at the same Jpeg quality.

after all this I did a blind test to determine the one I liked best...Ill let you lot have a look...needless to say a 5 year old FX sensor still rocks at high ISO and we are all being brainwashed into needing high MP cameras and so called better ISO ..LMAO

take a look and see what you reckon and to me the D700 files look great

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