D600 close to D4 at high ISO

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Re: D600 close to D4 at high ISO

RP McMurphy wrote:

gl2k wrote:

Probably they are very close, but on the dpreview test chart it's more than obvious that the D600 has less noise. If I were shooting lots of low light action/street I'd definitely pick the D600 over the D800 (not being able to afford a D4).

As said immediately below your post by phototrope, you need to look at the same physical size of the 2 to compare - the D800 version is essentially magnified 30% over the D600 on your comparison

I bet even when reducing the D800 files they look equal in best case.

But it is definitely more economic to achieve the same result with less pixels.

Why should I shovel around 36 mp if I can get the same visual result with 24 mp ?

With respect to high ISO images the D4 is even better since it gives the same result with only the half number of pixels compared to the D800.

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