A77 v A99 fps dilemma.

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Re: One has to say it's not the biggest test

I believe these were ISO 640 5.6 1/750 sht. It wasn't all that bright, But natual light is wonderful. Taken with 1st gen beercan. The point of them coming at me is the speed they are coming at me. Kids or humans for that matter can't take 15-20 feet strides. They were moving pretty fast seeing how I took all these shots in 1.5 secs. That's moving.

aardvark7 wrote:

Certainly, that is a good sequence, but they seem to have been taken on a bright sunny day with quite a small aperture. This has given you a large DOF which takes the pressure off, so to speak.

The real problems happen in a floodlit stadium when you're down to f2.8, 1/125 and ISO 6400!

I would be keen to know your settings and approach though, irrespective of relative difficulty of this particular sequence.
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