Where's the D4 review?

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h holland
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Re: D4 review is unnecessary?

I've just read a another story about Left AF problems with a D4. Surprises me that a E 6000,- pro camera can still have that kind of problems. Some problems with quality control perhaps?

I would like to know why there isn't a review of the D4 on this site. Is DPreview a really independent source ? Have things changed here since Amazon is the owner of this site ? Do they have a double agenda on testing camera's ? I do know that sometimes they have much information about new cameras that are under embargo (like the D600) What do they know about for instance a D4 that they don't want to tell us because staying friends with Nikon ? Am I seeing things to suspicious here ? I do know that there is little communication between the users of the forums here and the makers of this site.

I would rather see better independent testing than spending much energy on making a redesign of the forums...

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