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David Rosser
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Re: Lightroom 4 issues MEMORY LEAK

ChrisBurch wrote:

I can confirm the memory leak issue with every version of LR I've ever used, included the 4.2RC. I have 12GB and I have never seen LR chew up that much RAM though. Mine will quickly grow over a GB and progressively climb up from there, but I close it often. Regardless it's slow pretty much right from the start. In LR 3 it only got this slow after I had it open and in use for several hours.

I shouldn't have got involved in this thread I also find I have a memory leak after all. Lightroom starts using about 300 kilobytes but rapidly rises to 1.4 Gigabyte and thereafter continues to rise slowly. Interestingly all the remains of my 16Gig of memory is fairly rapidly allocated to Standby by Windows.

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