iPhone replaces current pocket camera ?

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Re: Wow! 1060?

There's more to photography than resolution. In fact, that's probably why I love shooting square format B&W on my iPhone. Super smooth would be a way to describe the results. Smooth and relatively clean B&W that rivals the better parts of traditional film. By 'relatively clean' I mean that even in low light shots the noise looks more like film grain than digital noise. There's a tone and dimensionality using the 6x6 app that's hard to describe technically. It's a visceral thing you feel as much as see.

I think of my iPhone as a camera bag, one that holds all my favorite cameras (apps). I'm not married to what Steve Jobs thought was a good camera app in 2006. That's the beauty of iPhone really. The tens of thousands of choices available for experimentation. Hopefully you have some good choices for your Nokia. It really is all about apps on a fixed aperture cellphone camera. That and add on lenses but don't get me started on that!

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