D600 vs a99 .... why?

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Re: D600 vs a99 .... why?

It is an interesting point.

I tend to think that the entry-level FF segment, which is quite a new trend after all, is precisely where Sony could change the game.

Long-time pros who own a large amount of expensive lenses may not switch brand because of that, but the new generation of demanding photographers (ongoing professionalization) willing to invest in a FF system (high-end lenses, etc.), having to sell the lower-end gear they have been using for a few years to get a good body and good glass are exactly who they should be aiming at IMHO if they really want pros to use Sony gear...

I may be wrong, of course.

Allan Olesen wrote:

op1318 wrote:

Precisely, as the "challenger", i used to think that Sony should have a more aggressive pricing strategy. I remember the "early days" (2006) when they released the A100 which, at that time, was considered a very attractive camera for a small amount of money.

I don't see why they should do that in the pro / highly advanced amateur segment.

In the entry segment it makes sense to compete on price. If a new DSLR purchaser without any previous investment in lenses and flashes looks at a Sony kit, a Canon kit and a Nikon kit with identical specs, Sony may very well be able to move him to their camera by having the best price.

But what happens when a pro buys a camera?

He will probably care very little about camera price when he considers a change to another camera make. He will mostly care about two things:
1. Do I have to buy new lenses and flashes?

2. Is this camera so much better than the cameras I can buy in my old make that it justifies the cost for new lenses and flashes?

I simply do not think that Sony can move more Nikon and Canon photographers by lowering the price. Sony can only move them by offering something they cannot get at Canon or Nikon.

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