D600 vs a99 .... why?

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Philippe Laurens New Member • Posts: 11
Re: D600 vs a99 .... why?

I think the reason is simple :

  • both cameras share the same sensor

  • D600 has better IQ than a99 (esp in High ISO Jpeg)

  • while the D600 is cheaper than a99

so even if everything else "around" the IQ is better with a99, the main reason u buy a camera remains stronger on the D600 side. for cheaper price.

and it's not just that SLT means 1/3 IL less for the sensor. It's because Sony is just less good in image processing logic, and in JPEG processing.

I have an a700. It was released at the same time as the D300. Both use the exact same sensor. And yet D300 has better IQ & lower noise than a700, just because Nikon has better know how.
I'm just sad that history repeats again & again.

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