NEX 7 (or 6?) for video? Or the Olympus OM-D

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Re: NEX 7 (or 6?) for video? Or the Olympus OM-D

Overheating doesn't happen to everyone (and hasn't happened to me yet "in anger").

I've done several videos with the Nex 7 and many lay people have commented on the excellent video quality.There is always something better on the quality scale (right up to your Reds and Arris - see ) but stick to the art/message of what you are doing and don't obsess about alternative kit that might be better in some circumstances.

I have fast enough SD cards. No need to go mad with ultra fast cards, video isn't that demanding.

I have the original 18200 and while big, it is very useable. I've come down from a D700 with a set of F2.8 FF pro Nikon lenses so I'm continually in awe of the performance you can get out of the relatively tiny Nex systems.

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