12-35mm f/2.8: What's the verdict?

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It's all good for me...

if you want to read a review that matches how it really performs in my experience then this is the one to read:


I wouldn't bother with Photozone, they have a clear bias against software corrected lenses for some reason and can't see past it.

It's a lens you can shoot at all apertures (up to diffraction) and focal lengths and get consistent results. The only caveat is that you will need to carry out some CA correction if you are shooting it on an Olympus, as I do.

It is a better lens than the 14-45mm (which I used to own and which suffers from a lot of blue CA at F3.5 on an Oly). The image stabilisation is very effective, the build quality is excellent and the constant F2.8 aperture comes in very handy on a regular basis for me.

The people with the most to say about this lens usually don't own or haven't used one. I've owned the ZD 12-60mm and 14-54mm and it is comparable to both (CA apart) though more consistent through it's more limited range. In a lot of cases you won't even notice any CA but if you do it can be effectively dealt with in LR4 (If you have it).

At the bottom of this link is another opinion from Luminous Landscape, which is worth a look.


Overall it's been a great lens for me and is the one I always start with on my camera. You can find some examples here


I've been shooting with it quite a bit in the last two weeks and have more stuff to upload soon but it's been excellent for me.

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