12-35mm f/2.8: What's the verdict?

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Re: 12-35mm f/2.8: What's the verdict?

From my perspective and my use of this lens, it is the best standard zoom m43 lens yet produced. Might other lenses from other formats be better? Very possibly. But if you buy into the m43 system and want to use native lenses, this lens seems ideal for the IQ performance, and also weight and balance (on my GH2). As for value for money, well that is a personal and subjective decision. Each to their own on that parameter.

Here are a few from my "Photo a Day" page over on PBase http://www.pbase.com/bassrock I don't claim for them to be masterpieces but I do think the clarity and sharpeness from this lens exceeds other m43 zoom lenses I have used, such as the Lumix 14-45mm which was my previous standard zooom.

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