D600 vs a99 .... why?

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Re: D600 vs a99 .... why?

That's for sure.

Precisely, as the "challenger", i used to think that Sony should have a more aggressive pricing strategy. I remember the "early days" (2006) when they released the A100 which, at that time, was considered a very attractive camera for a small amount of money.

But nowadays, paradoxically, one may consider that Nikon has a more aggressive strategy than Sony on the FF segment.

This may not encourage photographers (sometimes a bit conservative) to switch brands to the advantage of Sony...

Well, that is my opinion.

Jabez02 wrote:

The Sony Alpha and Nex combined outsell the Nikon F but it will be years before Sony can sell as many cameras in the FF market as Nikon will sell just D800 let alone the D600 - even if they introduced a $2000 camera tomorrow.

Almost all of Nikons sales will be to those who have previously bought Nikon product and those higher end ( mostly older ) advanced photographers with money to change brands. And there are more of these than there were former Minolta or A850/900 users.

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