Photokina - Zeiss 135mm/2.0 - test shots

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Re: 100/2 LoCA correction

About micro-contrast (and IQ, in general), there are many demanding photographers at (including Bjørn Rørslett) who praise the CV 125, and prefer it to the 100/2 MP.

How does one identify and caliberate micro-contrast i.e. say which lens produces better micro-contrast?

However, my point is not discussing which is better. I just wanted to stress that an excellent 125/2.5 lens with outstanding apochromatic correction and macro capabilities could be manufactured and sold at less than 1/2 the price of the current 135/2 Apo Sonnar, and at a significantly lower price than 100/2 MP (which I own, BTW). All these lenses are/were manufactured in the same production plant!

The same production plant does not imply same quality of produce. One can use less expensive glass or less demanding quality control and produce cheaper products from the same plant.


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