Panasonic 35-100 f/2.8 impressive pictures

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Re: It's HUGE

That is quite possible the most ridiculous argument. That Canon is a manual focus lens. If that lens auto focused it would be twice as big due to the added electronics/motors needed to move the glass elements. The Panasonic lens even has additional electronics due to image stabilization. Basically if that Panasonic lens was an all manual lens it would be even smaller. Apples to oranges.

Your argument/comparison is reaching, but if you need to compare your manual zoom lens to this Panasonic lens in order to justify your own purchase then that's your prerogative. Compare this Panasonic lens to ANY auto focusing, constant aperture Canon lens w/ image stabilization and I can guarantee you the Panasonic is smaller in every way.

forpetessake wrote:

Comparing it to old (and b.t.w. optically superb) Canon FD 35-105/3.5, which is Full Frame and collecting a lot more light, the size is practically the same:

So where is the promised miniaturization?

Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson wrote:

From Popco

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