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Re: Thinking of switching to Fuji

sgoldswo wrote:

Not at all, but I doubt you'll find many here who would think you are nuts ;).

I think the XE-1 would be a good system for what you want to do with it. What I would say is that for family stuff i think you will want the 18-55 zoom. It seems to have much faster autofocus than the existing prime lenses (I think that's true of the system in general, the new zooms in development all seem to have linear motors as well). There is no doubt that the IQ is fantastic and the experience of shooting with the X100 and X-pro1 is both enjoyable and involving. There isn't anything quite the same in terms of an involving control and shooting experience other than a Leica. The downsides for me have been AF speed, general speed of use and RAW processing. The first two have been addressed in the last FW update for the X-Pro1 and Fuji are making good noises about the RAW processing in a recent interview (to be frank, like any early adopter of new technology, there are going to be teething issues)

What I would say is that listening to your description you should also give the M4/3s cameras a go. I'll get pilloried for this on the Fuji forum but here goes... I agree with your analysis of the NEX system. My experience of it was great image quality but a very uninvolved shooting experience. I think they are starting to address that with the NEX-6 but I think it's not quite all there yet (and to be frank I'm always suspicious that for Sony a firmware update is more of a hardware update).

However, I've enjoyed shooting with m43s cameras (which I also use) and the big advantage they will always have over any APS-C camera is the lens size (in general it is much smaller). They also have (hands down) the fastest autofocus in the world of CSCs. Also, the (Sony) sensor in the latest m43s cameras is very good and (somehow) has a better dynamic range (don't shoot me, this is based on user experience) than my X-pro1. They sometimes can produce oversharp results including a lot more moire than you would expect (weak AA filter). Do not buy M43s if you like bokeh from shorter focal lengths (you can definitely achieve nice bokeh but usually you are using portrait lengths to do it).

Comparatively, I will get more spectacular results from my X-Pro1 compared to M43s but M43s has faster AF and a great range of lenses. If I want the best picture I can get I would take my X-Pro1. If I want a higher proportion of good photos overall (more "keepers") I would take a M43s camera.

It sounds like you are very keen on the X-E1 already. If I were you (and I'm not you so this is just a tip) I would try and get a hold of a X-E1 in a shop (and if there aren't any, use the X-pro1 and imagine it being a little smaller) and compare it to an Oly E-M5 in anger. You'll probably want to wait until the zoom for X mount is out in November though.

I hope that helps you.

It helps a lot, thanks for the detailed answer.

Regarding lenses, Fuji releases just the ones I need. I would start with the zoom and add the 14mm and the 60 macro as finances allow, this is already a kit I could live with for a long time. And if I can add the 55-200 and the 35mm later, I would be in heaven I think

m4/3: I looked at this system long, but their best lenses are also expensive and I would like to use quality glass. The only body interests me is the OM-D, which is more expensive here than the Fuji will and I'm not sure it will be better. I like your idea of going to a shop and check out in person, I will probably do it, but I have to go to Budapest to have a chance as in my local town we only have small shops with mass products only.

I think I'm already decided to make a change, I just need to decide which direction to go. I think I will give the m4/3 another look in person and see which one I like better.

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