Natural Light Bride Portrait on a moving bus

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Re: Natural Light Bride Portrait on a moving bus

I remember. Even though I didn't take part, I did read the messages though. Im with you on the available light, and I tend to use it if at all possible. However, the more I do weddings, the more I have a flash ready at all times. It adds to the verstaility of the shoot, nothing more or less.

I understand that these are a work in progress, so I won't dwell too much into the pictures. I do however think these two are great:

The ring-bearers waiting to make their entrance into church:

Father of the bride while the party in in full swing:

But the other pics, well, I think they could have used some fill light. Speedlight is great for stopping some motion too, when used correctly. And shooting a dance at 1/80... I think it's a tough job and demands heck of a timing between the motions of the couple.

Last wedding I did was done almost entirerly with a flash, not counting the church. And the couple didn't actually see me or my assistent at all during the ceremony/reception/party at all. Which was their request too. We were discreet, and didn't lug umbrellas or softboxes around. Just a basic speedlight and a lot of legwork.

Here is some available light from the church, couple moving to the altar.

Here is one with slight fill flash and a mix of sunlight coming from the door right next to the bride.

Maybe not the best examples, but the lights in both were to the extreme. Church was only covered by a small wndow in the ceiling. And should I have not used the flash on the bride, the other side of her face would have been covered in shadows. Not so nice either.

I do however understand that you have developed you style, and I think that is more important then worrying about getting everything technically just right. I'm just sayng using a flash here and there, will propably enhance your style, not cramp it.



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