WDYSOPPTW(What did you shoot or post process this week) 9-23-12

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Re: Thanks Zin

KimberlyC wrote:

Love your photos. Love the framing on the first shot.

All the cameras...I see you have NEX, while I went NX, then there is X and XP and G and GX... ANSI so on, confusing. Still when I hate lugging the Nikon bad the mirror less is a blast.

Hope to see you back for the next round.

P,s thanks for seeing what I saw in the first landscape shot.

Could not quite fit in the satellite hurling in the sky that provides the Internet for the fine folks out in those parts. ;-). Guess I need a new Fuji.

Thanks, Kimberly. Yeah, the search for the perfect cam is a demanding, never-ending task, but it's never boring.

I'm often wishing for an OVF on my F200EXR, especially on sunny days. Using it is almost like old film days -- can't really tell what the pix look like until they get through the "lab." Ah, the thrill of discovery! LOL

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