EM-5 Sony sensor -- End of the debate

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Re: EM-5 Sony sensor -- End of the debate

Myari wrote:

It's based on some logical deduction.

(1) GH3 dumped multi-aspect ratio and is using identical size sensor to EM-5

(2) When asked directly by EOSHD whether sensor was not made by Sony, Panasonic answer was "No comment". If a company has spent millions of dollars making the sensor, they take credit for the technology. They don't say "No comment" when asked if some other other company developed the sensor.

When Olympus announced the OM-D, most people went ahead and assumed it was a Panasonic sensor even though Olympus was tight lipped about it. When Olympus finally broke the truth, it all made sensor how Olympus was able to leap frog Panasonic from their latest sensor in the G3/GX1. Olympus does not manufacture their own sensors, so the option is theirs to outsource that part to some else. Panasonic on the other hand has spent millions of dollars on R&D for sensor technology, and you think they are just going to throw that all away because 1 camera leap frogged them in performance? All Panasonic cameras have used Panasonic sensors. Panasonic has the resources (unlike Olympus) to develop and produce their own sensors.

I'm sure the rave reviews of the OM-D made Panasonic step back and re-evaluate their chips. Going from a multi-aspect sensor to one that is not doesn't automatically mean that Panasonic is using a Sony sensor. Maybe in order to maximize performance in higher ISOs, increase dynamic range, and have the ability for longer video recording they had to move away from the larger multi-aspect sensor that would consume more power.

Panasonic could be going the marketing route that Olympus did when they announced the OM-D by saying "no comment" to all the sensor questions. Panasonic knows that that will be one of the first questions people will ask and by not commenting on it creates more buzz and speculation (just like what happened with the OM-D). In the end, Panasonic has always made their own sensors and improved on their technology from one camera to the next, so based on that "logical deduction" the GH3 will have a Panasonic made sensor in it.

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