Confessions of a Former Gear-Head (in training)

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Re: Confessions of a Former Gear-Head (in training)

drv320 wrote:

Want to hear something screwy?

I bought an X-Pro1 BECAUSE of its quirks. I wanted to slow down, to enjoy photography again.

For years I was lured by the newest, fastest, coolest whatever. I forgot what it was to be a photographer. I was a tech junkie (Nikon, Sony, Olympus - all the latest and greatest stuff) with more money than brains I suppose.

I admit...I was enamored with the X100 and then the X-Pro1, but not because of their spec was because of the images they were capable of producing. The retro looks of the X-Pro1 (and the X100) suit me just fine and the IQ is drool-worthy. I'll keep my Nikon DSLR for sports and stuff, but I think I've found my home in Fuji cameras.

Gear is great, but if it sits on a shelf because you never connect with it, then it's no better than an entry-level P&S. The X-Pro1 is not right for everyone, but then again, no camera is.

I found exactly the same thing with my X100. Still have the 5D3 which I love too, but in a more technical way, whereas with the X100 it is about the creative side!

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