6D beats the D600 at least 10 to 1

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Re: 6D beats the D600 at least 10 to 1

This is the kind of uninformed -- no ignorant -- drivel that politicians use to pit us against them. Do you really believe that Canon would put out inferior junk, in the name of profits? Moron! Canon is in business to make money. That is their legal, fiduciary obligation to their stockholders. This may be news to you, but companies that deliver what the market wants stay in business. Those who don't, don't. If Canon were in it for the money, they'd have the best piece of equipment, at the best price, in every market they play in. Money is NOT the only motivation. They also have to consider customer service, customer satisfaction, the current world economy, the competition, the product cycle and about 43.7 million other things. You were given a brain for the express purpose of thinking. Try it next time you feel like sharing your stupidity with the rest of us. Even a troglodyte like you can learn.

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