Fuji raw files, seem to be working for the most part in Lr 4.xx

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Re: Fuji raw files, seem to be working for the most part in Lr 4.xx

MPA1 wrote:
That has to be the most sensible business model I have ever heard of!!

Bjrn SWE wrote:

It is probably not an easy task for Apple or Adobe to create a RAW converter for this new sort of X-trans sensor. As I understand it, the camera manufacturers do not supply with any technical information about the RAW files, so it's more or less up to the App maker/ computer programmer to guess how it works (backward engineering).

Hi, while it may appear to be a sensible business model, as a prospective purchaser of the X-E1 and one who shoots almost exclusively RAW, I question it. As a D300s user I want an alternative, lighter travel system and on the surface the X-E1 is ideal. I really want one, it appeals and I love the form factor, but at this juncture, unless I can be assured of reasonably priced software that ekes out the quality of the image for which I am paying then I shall just continue with my current set up. For me, as a businessman, I would have thought that Fuji should do everything to promote sales and that means an easy end to end approach to capture via conversion to display with the quality they emphasise in their sales brochure. I understand that they are reluctant to release RAW technical information for IP reasons, but they also need to consider whether such a policy is protecting their future or denting sales.

I hope I am proven wrong on the software side, but unless this aspect of photography is well handled, I’ll not buy. I shall of course make a decision once the reviews are written and this influential community has passed judgment!

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