Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

davephdv wrote:

The Nauticam comes with a diffuser. I'm not sure why as the flash can only go out through the optic fiber ports.

Biggest problem with the 100 underwater seems to be the slow recycle time on the camera's flash.

I see where this was covered. I still don't see why the diffuser is necessary.

Beat Army!

Nauticam flash window can be removed. The two holes there is for Sea&Sea fiber optic ends, let's just call it FO Adapter.

It is there so that you do not need extra cost to buy special adapter to use fiber optic, like say G12 using Canon own housing with an FO trigger.

Even on their D4 Nikon and Canon 5Dmk3 housing , which these two cameras have no built in strobe, Nauticam prepared the mirror and FO output, so that WHEN one day someone will make a mini strobe using LED as trigger, these two cameras can forget using hardwire type strobe connection. In fact today u can buy 1 in Japan, this mini strobe LED based sitting on hot shoe of these two cameras......just 2cm thick. The LED has silicone jacket which fits the FO port Nauticam uses and bypassing the mirror.

This is why I like Nauticam, they think far ahead.........much ahead than other manufacturers.

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