Closing the gap at Photokina.

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Well, it's not exactly my thought about FF - see my discussion at 43rumors, on the 43 hybrid.

To recap, cheaper FF (C,N, Sony) are effectively imposing a price cap to m4/3. It still has legroom, but only below 1500-1200 $.

I can see v. well a pro using both formats, they already do. The RX1 is an expensive toy, but at a lower future price an ILC version could have potential.

But if I think about myself, I am certainly a cropped format user, not willing to spend more than 1000-1200, and certainly not every year


clengman wrote:

This is part of my point. If they use a-mount lenses (unlikely) you have a complete system from the get-go, but the lenses are ridiculously mismatched to the body size. If they start over with a brand new mount then you get something like the new fuji system, an exorbitantly-priced novelty act. Undoubtedly a fine camera, but limited to a small handful of prime lenses, unlikely to ever have as useful a range of lenses as what m43 has already. To paraphrase amalric, a high-priced bauble for the idle rich.

Mazin Sami wrote:

What lenses will they use for this camera? If A-mount, don't forget to add a 1-2 inch long mount adapter to every lens. At that point it won't be a small difference in lens size. If you think they'll start over with a new lens mount...?

I would assume a brand new mount, just like Fuji.

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