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Re: Using and returning is unethical

"It is one thing to return a product that you have not used because because you decide you don't want it. It is quite an other thing to use it extensively to take a lot of pictures--and thus turn it into a used lens--and then return it pretending to the dealer that it is still new. If you return it, you should get back about 70% of what you bought it for.

You stick other people with a product that you have deceived them into thinking is new"

What?! How do I know I don't want it if I don't try it out? Reading a review is one thing, putting the lens on MY camera and shooting MY subjects is something else. Especially if I am a novice without a lot of experience. On what planet do people return anything and "pretend" it's new? No one is "deceived". Nobody gets "stuck" with anything. At worst, some lucky buyer gets a good deal on an open box item. Returning products you don't like is a NORMAL part of doing business and any losses incurred have already been calculated by the manufacturer.

Keep the 30mm, it's a terrific optic.

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