Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: challenges/mathematics of demosaicing

awelch100 wrote:

This is exactly what MikeS has been saying for a while. Demosaicing the 6x6 X-Trans CFA requires far more advanced mathematics then doing so for the standard 2x2 Bayer CFA. The much increased processing requirements have caused some issues for the X-Pro1/X-E1 such as mediocre EVF refresh rates and sluggish "writing to card"(write speed is fine, its the processing that is slower).

I'm sure that the next generation of X-Mount camera's will incorporate faster DSPs which will in turn eliminate these issues completely.

As far as RAW conversion goes, I don't think we will see much improvement unless Fuji provides significant technical support. It's unlikely that Fuji will share the algorithm that they spent a lot of time and money developing, so the only option would be plug-in module that 3rd party developers could integrate with their converters. Another issue may be that the demosaicing algorithm is so processer intensive that creating a CPU based software converter with acceptable performance has been challenging.

Sorry but this is entirely speculative. The in-camera processor has to work in real time at 45fps, the PC/Mac does not. Moreover we have no idea how much technical support Fuji is actually providing or whether the software companies are just heel dragging. It's not like any of them have massive development teams and it may require them to hire a maths whizzkid to help them out.

I seem to remember it took a long time for the S series to get decent support, and Foveon as well. It's just a matter of time.

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