Natural Light Bride Portrait on a moving bus

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Re: Have you bothered...

To further some thoughts...

Too often today many pro shooters esp. newbies get a feeling as to their quality and or ability by the near 100% useless feedback regular Joe and Mary Sixpacks may leave to their uploaded pictures on social media. Below I'll add often these are the useless comments the typical Joe and Mary Q. Public put on such sites.


Wow, such a great pic.

Yeah, you are a great photographer.

Awesome picture.

Wow, I wish my camera could take pics like that.

Luv your pic.

A 1000 likes for your pic man

Such a great photographer.

Gr8t photo.

Wow you are such a great photographer.


Drivel posted online to photos that often suck and have no pro or artistic qualities but too many photographers today feel these types of general comments have value and make them think they are a better to great photographers. THEY MOST OFTEN ARE NOT!

Have your peers and those who have earned respect JUDGE YOUR WORK and you will soon see the drivel by Joe and Mary Q. Public online is not worth the time to read.

This is also why I hate most reality t.v. where the public gets to vote on topics, people or on matters for the show to value. The general public are more often than not ill-equipped to pass credible critique on anything be it a singer, a dancer, a model on a t.v. show and even a photographer too. Just like when pro sports invite the public to vote too on such things such as All star game participants. GAWD SUCH CR@P! Meaningless drivel and an ill-equipped public to vote on this type of stuff.

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