D600 vs a99 .... why?

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Re: D600 vs a99 .... why?

Many of the "keyboard warriors" on here suffer from tunnel vision. They only see the sensor, and think because the sensor is the same/similar that these cameras should be priced the same, etc etc.

By that logic, the Canon 7D should cost as much as a 550D.

When it comes to people looking for the oddest ways to bash Sony, just toss common sense out the door.

Realistically, the A99 has such a massive wealth of features compared to the stripped-down D600 it's not a fair fight at all.

Clayton1985 wrote:

I'm confused as to why all of the comparisons to the D600. If my budget allows me to consider the a99 and I wanted to also look at other options then I would first consider the D800 or 5DIII. Other than price is there any other reason to drop down to the D600? I'm not suggesting that someone looking at full frame not consider both the D600 and a99 but I just find it strange that there are so many posts comparing these two cameras and not so much the other more logical choices (at least IMO).... I'm sure a lot of it has to do with both cameras being released at the same time.

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