What Do You Think the Price Would Be?

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Re: What Do You Think the Price Would Be?

I'm confused... How can this high MP Canon cost twice (and more) the price of 5DMKIII when D800 is available at the price point of $3K? Will it be THAT much better in terms of IQ, DR, etc due to higher MP? It looks to me (at least judging from rumored specs) like a camera for a limited pro market - landscapes and studio (rumored specs show high ISO limitations). Plus low fps will likely make it not as suitable for event photography. So why such a high price? Is Canon planning to sell a limited number of these? Am I missing something? With $7-8K pricing it will be cheaper to get D800 and a decent lens and run a two system setup, no?

I do realise all these assumptions (as well as the whole topic) are based on rumors.

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