How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

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Re: How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

I've decided that as the physical viewfinder image of the A77 is more or less identical to the A99 but much less distracting (you have to see the AF markings to understand this) I'm sticking with the A77, and keeping the A900. In fact the A99, which I was able to test at ratings from 50 to 25600 at photokina but have not yet been able to process from raw to my satisfaction (needs LR/ACR), persuaded me to start using my A900 on location again out of the studio.

After a couple of weeks using the A900 again, I'm seeing some benefits over the A77, and enjoying working with the raw files rather more. Can't really give a precise reason why because some A77 shots seem sharper to me than the A900, maybe down to depth of field or my chosen processing settings.

Most of the benefits the A99 offers are ones which don't relate to what I use full frame for. The A77 is simply much better for tele/wildlife - even the A580 we have is better for that - as the sensor is higher resolution and pixel for pixel that means pulling difficult small subjects in better. It's better for my travel stock work, as the 16-80mm has no full frame equivalent and unless Sony introduces a 24-120mm f/4 or f/3.5-4.5, it's not going to. While the A99 body is only fractionally larger than the A77 and not much heavier, the necessary kit of lenses goes over the top. My 70-300mm on A77 has a 450mm effective reach in A99 terms and goes into my pocket and uses 58mm filters. Try that with a 70-400mm which doesn't even get you as far.

I save considerable amount by keeping the A900 and I'm enjoying rediscovering the clarity of the optical finder and its lack of distractions, eve with the grid screen I have fitted. The A99 would not be like rediscovering anything.

Only thing which has some bearing is that I would find the Samyang 24mm TS lens ideal on the A99, which has more potential to check precision focus across the entire frame. Bbut I've worked with TS on the A900, and for studio tilt work, I have the NEX system with adaptors and longer lenses and a 7 inch HD monitor to compose on.


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