I want to try film!!!

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Re: I want to try film!!!

Good luck.

I still have the ME Super which I used for more than 15 years. It's a great camera and I'm very fond of it.

Film teaches you a discipline (and I used some 120-Roll film cameras from the 1920s as an experiment because I thought even the ME Super made things too easy), and working with black and white, and learning to make prints made me a better digital photographer. If you get used to working with manual focus, you'll understand my comments that AF is akin to witchcraft and people should shut up about its faults. You'll also want a manual focus enabled screen in your DSLR.

I miss Infra red film - IR digital isn't the same. I miss the tactile nature of film itself too, the rituals of working with it. But I'm not going back

I was a student when I got my MG and ME-Super, and the lenses I bought in the 1980s and kept till about 2002 were not as good as the ones I can afford now so it's not a straight comparison but the quality of prints from my DSLRs beats anything I shot on film. Enjoyable days spent in the darkroom generated a handful of decent black and white prints - with Hahnemuhle paper and K3 inks, light-room produces better ones on my Epson in minutes. That paper is expensive (so is the ink), but b&W prints had a high wastage rate, and I place a high value on my time. I'm miles ahead on time and ahead on money.

I paid for hand printed cibachromes in the 80's and again the Epson matches them, at a tenth of the price - after adjusting for inflation make that 1/50th the price.

The cost of film and processing was substatial. The most I ever shot in a day was 400 frames at a formula 1 race. Developing 11 rolls nearly bankrupted me. Now a memory card which holds 400 frames costs less than a processing a roll of film.

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