GXR M mount vs. Leica M9

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Re: GXR M mount vs. Leica M9

The major plus point for the M9 is handling and ergonomics of use, the sensor is better but if the m-mount is good for you , then it is clearly good enough.

I recently added a 36mp Nikon D800 and 24/70, this takes pictures with greater resolution, the images are very good , better than M9?

In some respects the Nikon is better than the M9, it's quick, convenient. It's a good solid camera, a huge improvement on my previous D200 in every respect. The image quality, metering, high iso, resolution, auto focus, ergonomics and functionality are first class.

The M9 feels so great to handle and use, its a pleasure. I have room for both professionally, ( mainly weddings) thus if you can afford the M9 you will not regret it, but I doubt if your pictures will improve, but you may find the process more pleasure able.

As an aside.....

The really interesting thing was comparing the 50 lux on M9 with the D800 using the 24/70 and a Nikon 50mm f1.4.

The first two are very good lenses, the Nikon 50 at f4 is ok but wide open is awful, really, really soft, yet on reflection it is probably what should be expected and the lux is simply astonishingly good wide open.

The Nikon is two stops better than the M9 with respect to noise, but then the lux is two stops quicker than the 24/70 ! ( the Nikon 50 at f1.4 on a D800 is pretty unusable IMHO)
(I appreciate one could use a Zeiss 50 at f1.4 )

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