Assign AE-L/AF-L Button on D600 to AF-ON?

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Re: Assign AE-L/AF-L Button on D600 to AF-ON?

FloEvans wrote:

freddyNZ wrote:

You can assign AF-On function to AE-L, turn shutter release half-press focus off, along with focus point preferences etc etc, save to U1 or U2 mode. The button is in the right place on the D600, no "pro" has two thumbs and can operate both the AF-ON and AE-L at the same time anyway - the separate buttons are almost superfluous.

You must not play video games. You hit the AF ON with the base of your thumb and the AE lock with the tip.

OK. You made me go and pick up my old D300 and try it. Yes - it can be done, not with the base of your thumb, but rocking between the tip and joint of my thumb anyway. I never felt the urge to use that possibility, and expect that now I know it can be done, I'll still never feel the urge.

I know that if I say this is a useless piece of information as practically nobody would or should ever need or want to do this, some hypothetical situation will be presented where it might be an advantage for some James Bond or McGyver type.

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