DA* SDM failures fixed on 2012 lenses and later

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Re: Who to trust

awaldram wrote:

Ursinho73 wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Yep just a little research and Jens H. Petersen works for the above third party repairers in Hamburg so has no more knowledge than the 2010 Engineer.

I don't know what Jens H. Petersen knows or doesn't know...>

Frankly, as I don't own any SDM lens I'm not overly interested in this matter. Anyway, I might try to shed some light on the person in question.

A couple of years ago the Pentax Europe Headquarter was located in Hamburg, Germany. At that time Pentax still had their own in-house repair facilities - and that Mr. Petersen was the person in charge of it.

When Pentax moved its European HQ from Hamburg to Paris and outsourced its repair facility to a third party company called Maerz Mr. Petersen went their too, afaik.

I once met him on a repair issue when Pentax still was in Hamburg and my impression was that he is a VERY knowledgeable and VERY honest and customer friendly person. Now, that he presumly is not on Pentax' payroll anymore, he might be even more open about amount and cause of SDM failures in the past and if he told somebody that the issue is solved I'd be very cautious to claim otherwise.

You understood my reference to http://www.asahiphoto.co.uk/ then ?

Actually, I did not even read it. That's because, as said, I'm neither involved nor interested in the whole SDM affair - nor in the details of this lengthy thread for that matter. I just tried to add some information on the knowledge and credibility of an apparantly quoted person. A person I happen to know. A person that effectively is some kind of an ultimate reference for trustworthy technical information for enthusiast Pentaxians across all German speaking fora.

However, I do start to understand that the good news of the SDM failure supposably being solved seems actually to be bad news for some fanboys as it indicates that there might have been a problem to start with. In my book this is a good example of brand loyalty going terribly wrong and becoming counterproductive at best. But then, who am I to say...

Something that escaped Russell totally they also started with the pentax engineers laid off when Pentax UK outsourced.

I think he moved to Maerz during the re-organisation of Pentax Europe, but, as pointed out, I'm not totally sure. Some people say he is still with Pentax acting in the first place as some sort of liaison manager for the third party contractors on technical and warranty matters. So, not absolutely sure whether he was laid off or not. Anyway, he's definitely as much in the know as a non-Japanese outside Japan possibly could be.


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