I want to try film!!!

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Beware of rose tinted glasses

Film has plenty of problems of its own which can be extremely frustrating. It is a delicate medium which needs toxic chemicals to process. You need to maintain a clean working environment - a single piece of grit will scratch an entire film. It deteriorates even with the best storage. It gets expensive very quickly. All is not rosy with the world of film.

I say this as someone who has a dozen film cameras and a full colour wet darkroom setup. I put a roll through my MZ-5 last week and one through my Auto110 today. I will be buying a 30m bulk roll of B&W next week to feed my film cameras and have a nostalgic play with my darkroom kit.

By all means try it but be realistic. It isn't really special at all, it is just a different type of sensor behind the lens. It is the bit behind the viewfinder that really matters.

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