If having to purchase a lens hood is making you upset, say it here

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Re: You are paying for the lens hood, even if it is included!

Pikme wrote:

Yes, I wish the lens hoods were included as they were with 4/3 lenses. But reviewers never gave Olympus any credit for that, even as Canon/Nikon didn't always include the hoods back then.

http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/olympus_14-42_3p5-5p6_o20/4 :

Conclusion - Pros


  • Deep petal-type lens hood included as standard


It's also pretty resistant to flare, helped in no small part by the effective hood which comes as standard.

And from earlier in the review:

Completing the package is a deep petal-shaped lens hood, which is likely to be far more effective at protecting the front element and combating flare than the shallow bowl-shaped hoods which are used by Nikon, Canon and Sony, due to the rotating front element designs of their kit lenses.

The hood is unusually good for a kit lens, being a deep petal-type design with a bayonet mount. It is failry solidly-made from black plastic, with ribbed mouldings on the inside surface to reduce light reflection into the lens, and reverses neatly for storage.

I heard positive comments about this from everyone back in the late FT days. Users of the system (like me) looked down on the other brands for their hood omissions. And now people have trouble finding the hoods even when they stand in line to be robbed by Olympus!

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