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Phileas Fogg
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The problem today is...

That far too many photographers, most notably newbies and in reality digital newbies is that they no longer want to learn the ropes of photography and the business. They have been brainwashed into thinking all the wonderbar, wizz bang DSLR's etc. solved all too many of the learning curves of yesteryear. These new photographers all too often only want validation, they most often think if they take LOTS of shots, even if 8-9/10 are average to sub par, at best they 1-2/10 will suffice to the modern seemingly ADHD world of the photographic consumer they peddle too. They will try to fix, er make better the gazillion of shots they took in Photoshop and those that do not look much better will be peddled as " THEIR STYLE!"

Old pros who would give competent advice and critique and in the days past often did out of pure desire and goodwill to TEACH the ROPES so to speak today are sluffed off by a generation of "digital" newbies who think the old pros are out of touch and too old school. All too many of the newbies today as I said DO NOT WANT REAL CRITIQUE OR ADVICE!!! The want and crave validation and a pat on the back so to speak.

The rank narcissism of many is all about getting it all too easy and to rely on built in technology to make what they feel or see are as acceptable images. If it's good enough, it's good enough... To strive to be better, to learn the ropes and the business as well is not an issue they want to expend much time on now. Oh don't get me wrong, lazy slackers and dupes in pro photography are nothing new. But there are seemingly more of them now. Today though its much easier to get much more and better advice. To really learn has been made much easier with the web and such social media etc. if YOU WANT TO! than in decades past. But no, high fives and mutual back patting are what many of the modern digital newbies crave. Any teaching they seek out is ultimately superficial and must be wrapped up in "sugar coated" hype and "sparkles" of the teaching session, all in all telling them what they want to hear and not what they need to hear. To say that they too can be a rock star photographer and that they only need to peddle a style and such even if such style is mired in mediocrity. Don't waste yer time learning craft and more so the trade so to speak.

I have never claimed myself as a modern day Karsh or such. But I cut my teeth going back to the mid 1980's and I bust my chops to learn techniques, to understand light and how to use it, natural and electronic be it film or digital. I craved the mentor-ship of pros who often blew me away, not just with their photography, but their business senses too. I never looked for validation but for support and positive critique.

Today I may not be as into the business side as I once was but I read maybe too often on forums such as this one and find less and less desire to share my over 20 years of knowledge both in photography and the business of such. I more and more feel to let the all too of smug and know it all narcissistic newbies fall on their bloody faces as that is the slap in the face they may need.

I've read all too many good pros here give darn good advice over the years and often be shat on as being out dated and too old school. Too many of the modern day digital "newbies" already feel they know more than the old pros who spent years cutting his or her teeth. WHY BOTHER TO GIVE THESE SMUG NEWBIES ANY ADVICE!

Again all too many only seem to want validation and a high fives. My hand no longer can be bothered to be raised to give said high fives at what I see is often junk and lazy photography and wrapped up in know it all, arrogant, narcissistic attitudes. People who have NEAR ZIP business sense to boot.

If any of especially you newbies really want to learn then blow out your own smug attitudes and take advice given by many a competent pro here as a lesson learned.

All in all I probably just wasted my time on this post.

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