G1X optical teleconverter 1.8x - first impressions -

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Re: G1X optical teleconverter 1.8x - first impressions -

Thanks for posting these! Very interesting to see the results - certainly achieves the result of increasing the reach you see in the final JPG. On first glance, I am surprised at the level of detail in the 112mm & 1.8x converter & 4x digital zoom = 806mm shot. I have experience using the 2x TC-DC58C on my G7 and G9's and the performance here looks exceptional in comparison.

I do wish, though, that the full-res images were available - or better yet if you could post crops of the different situations at equivalent object size. That is, post the 806mm shot at 100% crop (say the window area) and crops of the other configs (112mm w/o digital zoom, 112mm w/ 4x digital zoom, 202mm (112 & 1.8x w/o digital zoom)). The point being to see if you're pulling any more detail.

On the G7, max aperture at full zoom I estimate as putting about 8 pixels in a diffraction limited Airy disk without the teleconverter, and 32 pixels with - I could not pull any more resolution as the G7 was pretty much oversampled to start with. For the G1X, I estimate that's more like 2.6 w/o the 1.8x and 8.3 with (again DL performance) - arguably room to pull a little more resolution from the sensor of the actual image plane IF the lens is performing well. DXOmark's measurements of the G1X lens suggest that at least in the center is should be performing well there.

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