X-Pro1 / X-E1 vs D600

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Re: X-Pro1 / X-E1 vs D600

While I think the D600 will be a nice camera, I'm not sure where the X-Pro1 will come up short, looking at your list, unless you need the pixels.

Long Exposure is very simple, Star Trails are simply long exposure. Light painting is studio (or some sort of staged shot). And landscape / HDR are pretty simple and require an eye more than special equipment. Now focus bracketing is not something I've messed with, can't comment on that.

I used my XP1 recently at a studio shoot and thought it was amazing. So cool to use with great results.

Nothing you are looking to do requires the camera to be super quick. More about technique. They are very different tools, I think it depends on what you're most comfortable with.

I picked up my DSLR for the first time a couple nights ago, since I got the XP1, and still am impressed with it's quick ability. However, much prefer the experience with the XP1.

I'd imagine either will work well and be a great tool. Personally, I prefer the experience at this point. Best of luck with your decision.

morganb wrote:

I have been battling with myself which direction to head. I have been a Fuji fan for years and waited for the X-Pro1 sinced it was first rumored. Its Out and it is almost everything i want but i am not a huge street photographer, more of a landscape guy.

i am seriously thinking that the D600 would give more more versatility. i want to work on HDR, Long Exposure, Star Trails, Light Painting, Focus Bracketing, Macro and generally any other techincal techniques that i learn about.

am i crazy to think it would be easier to do this on the Nikon D600 vs a Fuji X-Pro1?

anyone have examples of success using this sensor for that kind of work (especially the long night exposure stuff)?

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