Advice on infant photography

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Re: Advice on infant photography

Hmmm, let's see.... I'm trying to dredge up a memory from a thousand years or so ago.

First, you might possibly get some nice pictures of the family-to-be in early labor. Tempers haven't frayed quite yet. I'd be prepared not to get anything of value until after the baby is born. I remember when my second son was born, we were at the hospital a total of 45 minutes between the time we walked in the door and the time he made an appearance. So not much time for photos there.... not that there were digital cameras or even cell phones back then, either.

And that's often the case. Either you wait around for a day or so, in which case everybody is more than a little cranky, or you get one that breaks the land/speed record for delivery and everything happens so fast, there's no time to record the (brief) moment for posterity. I barely had time to remove my street clothes and trade a few wisecracks before the whole thing was over. My husband had to park the car, race out and scrub and gown and almost missed the whole event. The OB/GYN was literally rushing in with his hands out to catch the baby midstride. He was beautiful and perfect, of course, since his head never engaged in my pelvis to get all squished out of shape before he shot out into this world. And that's the kind of newborn baby picture every mother is expecting to see.

When my grandchildren were born, the hospital photography vendor took a series of very nice photos with a Nikon DSLR and fancy lens in a number of poses and props. Likely it's a pretty common scene these days. it's a big business. They don't just line them up under a low-res Mavica and take an ugly, grainy snap any more. So probably she will get all the photographs she wants on a CD regardless of your role--well, for a fee, that is.

So I'm going to say that I'd have to respectfully decline, too. Do you really want to spend maybe a day and a half with somebody you don't know that well and have no idea what's going to happen during that time? What if something goes very wrong? I have two healthy sons and three healthy grandchildren and take for granted that things are always going to turn out well, but I also have a number of friends who didn't get their happy endings, and I sure wouldn't have wanted to be there for that under any circumstances. Even now after many, many years, I remember what a tragedy it was, and how the rest of us struggled to find any words of consolation while sitting around with our healthy, happy babies in our arms. Just another side of the coin.

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